Little Fairy Pug            

                                                                                                             LiLITTLE FAIRY PUG


I met a little Fairy Pug early one day

I didn't quite know what to make or say.

His wings were beautiful and glimmered in the light

I thought to myself, "what a wonderful sight!"

The Fairy Pugs live in a meadow past a stream

You can only find their home while asleep in a dream.

The little Fairy Pug didn't stay for long.

He crossed my path enchanted by a song.

I asked him if he'd like to stay

He told me with his eyes that he'd been away.

He needed to be back on the path leading home

through the meadow past the stream, I watched him roam.

Bye little Fairy Pug I said at last

He had brought me the future while showing me the past.

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