Feather River Kayaking from Orov



Feather River Kayaking from Oroville to Gridley.


On September 6th, we went kayaking down the Feather River.  We started at Bedrock park in Oroville and ended in Gridley. 

Kim dropped off his mountain bike in Gridley, then we drove back to Bedrock park and unloaded the kayaks from the truck. 

 About 11:00 a.m., we began our journey down the Feather River.  It was about a six hour trip altogether, stopping for lunch and a couple breaks. 

 The water flow was gentle, yet provided intermittent little currents that made the paddling trip very fun.  Even a novice kayaker can achieve this journey down the Feather River, however a life jacket should always be worn. 


The scenery was very pretty.  We saw many birds, fish rising all around us, and a few beavers along the way.  The winding Feather River is lined with lush greenery.  We paddled through willow and cottonwood-lined ponds, islands and channels. 


The shallow draft accessibility and the stealth-like approach of a kayak afford a paddler an advantage in viewing critters in their natural habitat.  Birds of all variety find this area a haven.


We passed several fly fishermen along the way.  Some we chatted with and all were polite to wait for us to pass by as we flowed down the river. 


We paddled past a popular spot on the Feather for salmon fishing called “The Outlet”.  It is where the water from the Thermalito Afterbay flows into the river.  The “outlet” is located off Vance Avenue, which connects to Larkin Road Northeast of Biggs.


When we reached our destination in Gridley, we pulled the kayaks out of the river. I sat on the bank reading a book and Kim road his mountain bike back to pick up the truck parked at Bedrock park in Oroville.  It took him about an hour and ˝ to return with the truck. 


This trip was so enjoyable that we did the whole thing again the next day.


I think that it was about a 14 mile trip that we paddled from Oroville to Gridley.


We plan on continuing to kayak here this winter.  It should be a great time for viewing wildlife.  As part of the Pacific Flyway zone, Butte County's winter migratroy waterfowl populations are considered to be very spectacular.

We want to share our experience because we want the people in Oroville to know that they have a very beautiful town that has many wonderful outdoor activities to offer. 


We own a home here in Oroville, but only get here about every month or so.  Our goal is to eventually live here permanently.  Our jobs are in Auburn and Sacramento. 


For further information about Kayaking, contact Kandregg@raftman.com.


Nancy Chevreaux



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Destination Gridley

     Fish clean up






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