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in the absence of modern technology, ancient peoples were highly sensitive to change in their environment and  learned to rely completely on their own powers of observation and sensitivity.  They knew that everything in nature had a distinctive energy field associated with it.  The animals, plants, and rocks all had lessons to teach and messages to share which helped man survive.  These messages provided direction in life, protection from danger, taught us to be compassionate, and  how to heal.  In ancient times, people actually had a far deeper insight into the meaning of time, space and motion than the moderns.


As the environment changes, new traits may be selected for an organism.  The process of evolution may have  changed hereditary traits in humans over time that focused on survival techniques.  It has been thought that man at one time was able to communicate by telepathy.  He was more aware of his environment as are the animal species. 


From nature, we can learn to be connected with the universe.  Perhaps a new paradigm for scientific and social thought can be a holistic view of the world in which we live.


Animals give us  messages and teach us  lessons if we study them in their environment.  It has long been observed that animals have a keen sense for earthquakes, storms, and impending disasters. 


 The vibratory power and virtues of stones have been worshiped for centuries.  Stones are still used in various practices to heal bodily ailments and perform magic.  Modern technology has fostered crystals specifically solar cells, transistors, and liquid crystals.


The healing properties of plants and herbs continue to be utilized  by  physicians.  Many of the  synthetic medicines on the market today are derived from natural occurring herbs, plants and trees.


The mystical teachings of ancient practices such as Shamanism and Wicca incorporate nature to attain physical and spiritual healing.


In addition to the many wonderful powers of nature that surround us, we can also learn to better understand ourselves by examining the meaning of our true inner self. 


Since times immemorial,  human beings have desired to understand the meaning of life by exploring the hidden meanings of their dreams.  Even today, many people strive to see their dreams as a pathway to understanding  personal needs and solving problems. 


All the major religions of the world share a common theme that focuses on the belief in a higher power, the importance of love, compassion and unity with nature, and the desire to obtain spirituality.  It is a quest to understand the meaning of life.


The Mystical Essence of our existence provides a pathway to discovering who we are and what our place is in the universe.


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